Answering Top 3 Questions About Large Tree Transplantation & Moving!

Scientists and researchers are constantly talking about environmental concerns, including climate change and deforestation. Saving just one tree may seem inconsequential, but if each one of us decides to take the same step, we can save millions of trees from being cut. There are various reasons why people consider tree relocation services. This could be related to saving trees that are attached to memories, or simply to create a similar landscape on a new property. Never mind the reason, tree relocation helps in saving a tree.

There are companies like Environmental Design Inc that can help you relocate large trees between properties, locations, cities and states, and you can expect to get the work done without any impact on the tree. Here are some things to know about large tree transplantation and moving.

Does season and time matter for moving trees?

Yes, absolutely. Keep in mind that moving a large tree that is full of leaves and fruits can be risky. This could mean that the flow of water is stopped, and that would cause unwanted shock. Even when relocation has been done after following all the necessary protocols, the tree may not survive the impact of shock. Tree moving services will wait for the dormant season, which may vary for each species of trees. This is typically autumn when all the leaves have fallen, and the tree doesn’t need a lot of water.

How much does tree relocation cost?

That depends on the size, species, and age of the tree, and the distance between two locations. If you want to move a tree from one state to another, it would obviously cost more. That said, tree relocation doesn’t have to be expensive, and you can ask for an estimate in advance. Tree movers often have to rely on proprietary hydraulic spades and equipment to facilitate the process, which add to the cost.

How to select a tree moving service?

Expertise and experience in the business are two key aspects to consider. You have to select a tree moving service that’s experienced, known and reliable. Make sure that you review the requirements in detail and if you are moving a few trees, you can negotiate better. Some tree movers are also experienced to keeping the tree safe before the new area for transplantation is ready, for which extra charges are added.

Tree relocation is the right thing to do, not just for your property, but also for the environment.

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