Tips when Hiring a Job Agency in Singapore

Industry experts say that failing to hire the right employees for the job can cost your company thousands of dollars in turnover costs alone. Although you may think that you are saving money by recruiting employees yourself, you will want to partner with a reliable Singapore job agency. But, because there are many agencies to choose from out there, you will need to make a tough decision.

The following are some tips to help you choose the right agency:

Hire an Agency that Meets your Needs

Never consider the first agency you can find. Before you sit down with a company, ensure you have a list of your top priorities in terms of hiring new talent. You must already know what to look for in an employee and the recruiting services you need. By having this information beforehand, you can narrow down the traits to look for in a recruiting agency.

Do a Background Check

As a business owner, you should know that your organisation is as good as its reputation. Such a rule also applies to job agencies. Before considering meeting with an agency, check their reputation and track record first. Talk to other businesses that have used an agency’s services to learn about their experience with the agency. Also, check online reviews to learn more about the experiences of other customers.

Experienced recruiters have spent years setting up networks of great candidates. Such candidates are not found on job boards. You hire the services of an agency for their network of candidates that no one else can find. By working with the right agency, your time-to-fill will be less and you will end up with high-quality candidates.

Meet with Different Agencies

To hire the right job agency in Singapore, you must do more than just learning about them. You need to take the same approach as when you hire a new employee. Thus, spend time interviewing several agencies and their recruiters. You want an agency that understands your line of business and recruitment needs.

Determine their Specialisation

It is important to hire an agency that specialises in your industry. This helps you recruit the best talent to take your business to the next level. The right agency uses recruitment software to keep track of their candidates. Specialised recruiters have a huge database of talent in your industry, which makes it easier to connect you with the right candidate.

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