Ways wildlife promotes healthy forest and trees

It’s always been how trees support wild life and human beings as well as provide food and shelter but never what supports them. Without wasting much of your time, we will discuss how wildlife has a great impact on growing

Wildlife helps keep herbivores in check

Just like we depend on trees and animals for food, herbivores depend on trees as their source of food. The depend on green leaves and fruits as they cannot eat other animals. Trees will suffer and lose it value or probably die of if these herbivores are not kept in check and this here wild life comes in. Because carnivores feed on herbivores, trees will be able to breathe a little (pun intended).

For instance, if a large number of goats and cos lived in the forest without any sign of predators or carnivores to chase after them as prey, they will feel safe in that area and feed on the trees thereby reducing growth in that area.

Wildlife protects tree from insects

Trees have a long life cycle and because of this, they grow slowly but yet strong enough. Gradually developing their strong branches, stem, leaves, tree backs, etc. However, some insects pose a threat to these trees. Caterpillar tend to eat up the green leaves. Ants will crawl into the barks of trees and build houses there thereby limiting growth and destroying the tree.

Wildlife helps trees by eating these insects of the trees, it’s not something they do on purpose but they have to eat anyways

Wildlife help thin out trees

You know how an area gets covered in shrubs and grasses after being left for a while without humans marching on them, this is exactly how the forest will grow out of there were no wild lives present. Wild lives help reduce growth in trees to the right quantity by eating them out or just regular walking around. 

Wildlife helps with pollination

Pollination occurs naturally and wouldn’t have been possible today if not for wildlife

They help cross-pollinate plants to help in the production of fruits and flowers. Literary without pollination, many species of crops would not have been in existence. If you need help picking out the best team to manage your forest or land consider visiting

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