The Best Ways to Win Customers Over the Phone

If your business relies on interacting with customers over the phone, you’ll want to ensure that you have the very best telephone customer support team at your disposal. There are different techniques and approaches to working with your customers over the telephone, and every company has its own unique story to tell. Putting together a comprehensive plan of action in how you communicate with your customers is an integral part of the success of any business. Work with experts in the field if you require external assistance to help speak with customers. This could be in the form of inbound customer service teams or as outbound sales callers tasked with contacting potential customers and selling them your brand, products and services.

Hiring a professional contact centre team to assist you with your efforts of communicating with customers and potential customers can have a massive impact on your brand image and the potential for increased revenues. A professional call centre operator will understand the key concepts that make for a great customer service or sales agent that works primarily over the phone.

The first of these is that they know how to be confident at all times. Customers and potential customers can pick up on confidence in the voice of an operator and it instils confidence in your brand if this is consistent. Hesitancy only leads to a vagueness, a chance for the customer to doubt in your company, so your team must be confident and consistent with it.

Good customer service agents also know how to actively listen to customers, to show empathy and to maintain a natural tone that demonstrates that the customers views are important to them, and by extension your company and brand. You should never assume what a customer wants or needs, allow them to tell you and respond in a way that shows you are looking for a solution to their problem within the shortest timeframe possible. This is a way to build relationships with customers that lasts beyond that one call and builds trust that yours is the right brand to partner with for years to come.

Always be prepared for objections and develop a thick skin. In this game, you are always likely to see high rates of rejection, even the best salespeople do. It is about developing key skills and processes that you build from. That strong foundation allows you to hone the process and deliver the same process over and over again. Consistency is key to ensure that when you do have a positive reaction, you know how to deal with it promptly and effectively.

Whether your teams are dealing with inbound complaints from a customer or selling a product or service, there are some tips that can help them fulfil their sales potential and maximise sales revenue for your company. This is where the expertise of a contact centre team can come in handy, especially when it comes to overcoming objections over the phone from a public weary of call centre scams and the like. It is important to have a clear vision in mind of what it is you want to achieve, with a strong and robust framework of communication and internal processes and strategies that allow for a smooth transition from a customer order to the internal mechanism of the delivery process.

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