Does your Organization Need Testing Center of Excellence?

In this constantly changing technology landscape, businesses need to stay competitive to be successful. As a result, IT teams must continuously improve their processes to deliver high-quality solutions. Software testing teams are constantly evolving to deal with unique challenges and demands of modern businesses. A lot of companies adopt testing center of excellence (TCoE) to cater to these needs.

TCoE provides a framework where QA testing is delivered as a centralized solution and available throughout a company. With this solution, formal metrics, required tools, testing processes, and other resources are standardized. It lets organizations guarantee the optimal use of their resources and measures process efficiencies.

Why Your Organization Needs a TCoE?

Setting up this centralized unit might seem overwhelming. However, TCoE only requires a one-time investment of time, effort, and resources. Its benefits far outweigh the investments, therefore, offering your organization the desired return on investment. The following are the reasons your organization needs TCoE:

  • More optimized delivery schedule. Automating redundant tests and using templates significantly shorten the test execution. Also, implementing the standard processes can minimize the idle time between common tasks and speed up the resolution process as per priority.
  • Better performance testing With TCoE, unified QA rules are effectively implemented, increasing product quality and minimizing the impact of common project risks. Also, the team creates a repository that can help reduce late deliveries and identification of undetected bugs.
  • Cost-efficiency. Your organization can execute TCoE services from low-cost geography that can lead to cost-savings because of labor arbitrage. With improvements in resource utilization, you can save costs in setup, software procurement, and maintenance.
  • Tighter alignment. TCoE ensures your company’s quality efforts are tightly aligned with its business goals. This is possible by defining a governance model based on measuring, reporting, and discussing KPIs.

Implementing TCoE

Here are some of the things your team need when implementing a TCoE:

  • Quality and goals commitment. A TCoE team must lay out clear and achievable goals to stay on track and gain perspective for the bigger goals.
  • Dependable documentation. Documenting the standard process minimizes the deviation risk and resolution in time. This also facilitates tighter teammate collaboration and lets them concentrate on their tasks and improve performance.
  • Redundant task automation. By automating repetitive tasks, the time spend on everyday tasks is reduced. And as teams reuse test cases, they collect data and create templates without spending too much time.
  • Right tools. Your organization must decide on technologies and tools to leverage for QA. The right tools will let your team determine whether the project requirements can be covered or not.

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