4 Leather Crafting Ideas

Looking for a leather workshop Singapore for a new leather crafting idea? Well, find ideas that will spark your creative side and bring it to life in this article. The best thing about art and craft is that there is nothing you cannot do, even what seems impossible. Read on to find out some ideas on how to turn a mere piece of leather into a useful household item.

File Folders

Whether they are work files for school or any other personal files, they are probably one of your most important things. For that reason, you want to protect them at all costs. Leather is a great material to make your files a beautiful file folder. You don’t just get to protect your files with a gorgeous folder but also create a long-lasting folder.


If you have a piece of leather lying around in your house then you most definitely can make use of it and make yourself some beautiful straps. You can use these for many things. For example, if you attend yoga classes, you can definitely make a beautiful yoga mat strap.

Ipad Case

Our devices are one of the most important possessions for most of us. That is why we are always looking for a way to protect them from any harm. Looking for a new cover for your iPad, or phone, well you can make a hand-made professional-looking, beautiful, and high-quality case that will be sure to last long and protect your iPad.

Leather Pouch

Everyone needs a pouch in their lives, especially that special pouch you put small and important things like money, cards, bus passes, makeup, pen, and pieces of jewelry. These are the essentials we want to have a special pouch for. How about transforming that piece of leather lying around in your closet into a DIY handmade pouch?

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