What is the Need of Part Time Jobs in Singapore

Part time jobs in Singapore are gaining popularity among foreign workers who are attracted by the country’s low cost of living and the opportunities available for educational advancement and industrial growth. As an alternative to full time employment, part time jobs in Singapore allow such workers to have more control over their working hours. The flexible nature of part time jobs in Singapore is also a big attraction for those who prefer to work at flexible working hours.

A part time job is usually a type of employment which carries fewer working hours a week than that of a full-time position. They usually work in shifts, sometimes in the same area. The shifts can be either rotational (occasionally permanent) or flexibly scheduled. Generally, workers are regarded to be part time when they normally work fewer than thirty hours a week. But if the employee works more than 40 hours a week, they are then considered full time. This is just one reason why a part time employee can be an asset to a company as they can be used in various capacities, depending on how the business utilizes their skills.

Today, one can find various types of part time jobs in Singapore. Full time jobs and part time jobs in Singapore are quite easy to find, thanks to the large numbers of multi-national companies that have set up shop here. In addition to multi-national companies, there are local companies as well, which cater to the needs of part time job seekers. These jobs are available in almost every industry – information technology, hospitality and service industries, finance and banking, education and engineering, among others.

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