Shipping your goods is never an easy task. There is so much that needs to be done, including finding a Freight Broker who is reliable. When you choose a freight broker you are trusting them with a part of your business, so it is only imperative that you make this decision wisely. When you are out there trying to find the right broker, you might be overwhelmed with the choices presented to you. We are here to share some tips that will help you to pick the right broker.

The broker should be licensed

When you are deciding on a broker, ensure that they have the right license and authority to offer the said services. If the broker doesn’t have a federal property broker license, then you might be putting your business at risk.

Offers Multiple Modal Options

Most freight brokers usually only provide the services of truckload carriers. But it is a better option to opt for a broker who offers multiple other freight shipping services like rail intermodal, LTL, flatbeds, air freight and logistic management services. Opting for such a freight broker will make things easier for you, as you would need to reach out to one broker for all your shipping needs.

How is the carrier selected by the broker?

As you are putting a lot of faith in the freight broker, they should also trust the carrier that they are opting for. Ask the broker about the selection criteria of the carrier. The broker needs to verify the company’s authority, safety rating and insurance coverage before trusting them with the freight. There should also be a written contract in place with the carrier that the freight broker is using.

What does their carrier management process look like?

The freight broker should have open and easy communication with the carrier. Knowing how the broker matches the carrier and the way they communicate can help you to make an informed decision about the same. Simple questions like how are instructions communicated to them and how do they receive the confirmation and whether deliveries are made as per promised? These simple questions play an integral part. It is always best to opt for a broker who properly documents all communications with the carrier company.

Experienced Broker

It is best to work with a broker who has at least 3 years of experience as a broker. A broker with experience who has prospered in the industry will have the needed technical know-how when a situation arises.

Insured Broker

The broker must have insurance as it will enable them to pay for any losses or damage claims when the insurance company or the carrier refuse to compensate for the same. Liability insurance and errors and omissions insurance should be covered by your freight broker. Working with an uninsured broker will only add to the risks. Shipping is not easy, and sometimes damages do happen. Having an insured broker will help you to be at ease.

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