Warning Signs That You May Want To Hire A New Digital Agency

You want to keep an eye out for some warning signs that your current digital agency is not doing a great job with your digital marketing. If your digital marketing is starting to stagnate and you are struggling to see any real progress, it could be a sign that your SEO agency is not doing its job correctly, so you may want to find a new one. Below are some warning signs to look for that you hopefully will not see, but if you do, you will want to start looking for a better agency to do your marketing.

They Have No Clearly Defined Strategy

If it often seems that your agency is creating your strategy on the fly, they probably are and are not doing their jobs correctly. Some agencies work so that they are doing everything monthly and do not seem to have a defined strategy in place. Instead, they choose a different area to work on each month, which often means little momentum is built. If your agency seems to be going round in circles, give them their notice and start your search for a reputable one that can deliver results.

They Promise The Earth & Never Deliver

When a digital agency promises results and what you can expect from your campaign, this should automatically get the alarm bells ringing. There are no guarantees in SEO at all, and you can find what works for one website does not work for another, even when they are similar sites in the same industry. If your agency is making promises, pay close attention to their work, and you may want to begin looking for their replacements immediately.

They Are Using Low-Quality Content

If you look at the links your current agency is building for you and notice the standard of English is poor and there are lots of mistakes, it is a sign your agency is cutting corners. They are most likely using an overseas company for their content that uses non-native speakers. Although there is nothing wrong with non-native speakers writing the content, if they can write clearly, concisely, and without mistakes, it is always better to have a writer who knows and understands the subject intimately. If the standard of the English used in your content is below par, it is time to get rid of your current agency and find one with experienced and qualified writers who know your industry and how it works.

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