9 Tips On How You Can Make Online Purchases Safer

Online shopping has become hugely popular in the past few years. The number of online shoppers worldwide has grown exponentially during this time, with many people taking advantage of deals and discounts typically only available to those who make purchases over the Internet. With the advent of various online shopping websites and apps which provide comfort by using your mobile phone or tablet while sitting on your couch, it is no surprise that 21% of India’s e-commerce market is done via mobile phones.

However, this comfort comes at a price; buying expensive car accessories online can be risky. After all, you can’t physically feel or examine any car or bike modification accessories online before you purchase them. So, here are the 9 tips on how you can make online purchases of car accessories safer:

1) Check The Feedback /Review:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with checking product reviews before making a purchase. In fact, it’s very common for people to read reviews before buying anything; this is especially true when buying expensive car accessories online because you usually can’t touch or feel the item beforehand. Just like any other product, you want to make sure that other buyers were satisfied with their purchase so keep an eye out for feedback on the website from which you are planning on purchasing.

2) Return / Exchange policy:

A good online store that sells car modification accessories online should have an easy return or exchange policy. When buying expensive car accessories online, a great option is to buy from a company that offers an easy return or exchange policy in case the product is not what you expected it to be. Also, the refund procedure should be simple, and free from any hassle to the customer.

3) Shipping Procedure:

Make sure that you carefully check out how long your purchase will take to ship; this includes the time frame of when you will receive tracking information for your item. By checking out how long an item takes before shipping, you can plan accordingly. Also, look out for hidden shipping fees; sometimes companies will include the price of shipping by adding it to the total cost of your purchase. Make sure that you check all costs before clicking on ‘buy’.

4) Genuine & Quality Product:

Always remember that if a deal seems too good to be true, then check the quality and genuine products of the brand. Car modification accessories online are known for being heavily discounted and bundled with offers such as free shipping or extra accessories. Before buying an item online, double-check whether the product you’re getting is actually a genuine one or not.

5) Customer Service:

A company that provides high-quality customer service would never mishandle your item nor treat you poorly after purchase. If they do, beware! The best way to avoid this from happening is to choose companies that offer great customer service. Such companies will provide you with transparent communication throughout the process of your purchase. If you are ever doubtful about any aspect of your purchase, talk to the customer service. The company should be more than willing to provide clarity on all matters which concern you.

6) Security:

Before providing personal information or handing over credit card details, make sure that the site is secure and the URL starts off with HTTPS://. Apart from this, always make sure you’re on a secured network before providing sensitive information such as passwords or credit card numbers. It’s best to avoid providing any personal information until you are absolutely certain that the site is legitimate.

7) Safe monetary transactions:

As well as providing security, make sure that the website you are buying from ensures safe monetary transactions. This means that if your card number is compromised during the transaction process, then the website will ensure to compensate you in full. Most websites nowadays offer safe payment schemes so check out whether or not this website has an inbuilt safety feature for online purchasing.

8) Pay attention to taxes:

A good company should let potential customers know about any taxes involved in making a purchase whether it is any interior accessory or car care products. When checking out, it’s important to keep an eye on whether taxes are included or excluded when calculating the price of shipping. Also, look out for hidden fees such as international fees when ordering online abroad.

9) Faster delivery:

When buying products online, most people want them as soon as possible. A great tip for keeping customers happy is to encourage faster delivery. Before buying car accessories online, check out the date of delivery. The best websites have a proven track record for providing customers with speedy delivery so it’s recommended to go with these sites.

Online purchasing is considered to be one of the easiest modes of shopping nowadays because you can buy at any time of day or night from your comfort zone. Make sure that you buy car and bike modification accessories online from Carorbis that has efficient customer service that will take care of all concerns promptly and politely. Carorbis offer convenience and competitive prices which make them the go-to stores when purchasing car accessories and bike riding gear. By knowing these safety guidelines, you’ll be able to enjoy your shopping experience without any trouble along the way!

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