The Benefits That a Scalable DCIM Offers All Business Ventures.

It is imperative that any data centre manager has a proper idea of what the assets look like and how they are performing. They need to know how much power is being used by the system and what temperature the equipment is currently at. They need to understand the ratios with regard to power that is entering the server room and the power that is actually being used at that time. The manager needs to be able to keep an eye on this to make sure that the server is not only running properly but is running efficiently as well. Having this kind of information helps to protect all of the equipment and so any data centre infrastructure management software available helps everyone to make better decisions.

It is fair to say that data centre management software is growing at a fast rate and the vast majority of managers are installing such software so that they can provide better solutions when monitoring their data centre. They need to be able to keep an eye on their equipment at all times and so this is why a scalable DCIM solution proves itself to be incredibly invaluable.

It monitors & gives alerts – That’s the wonderful thing about a DCIM system because first and foremost it has alerts built in to let data centre managers know when changes happen within the facility. It provides them with such important things like the temperature of the equipment, the humidity within the server room and the amount of power that is currently being used. This type of information allows the manager to be able to schedule essential maintenance or the option of purchasing new machines because their current ones are not running as expected. It is their job to make sure that the servers are not over working and creating more heat than they should. It might be due to the equipment malfunctioning and so the DCIM system alerts them of such things.

It assists with capacity planning – The right data centre management software helps to create the right solutions that allow the data centre manager to allocate the resources needed. It is important to be able to plan with regard to capacity because the manager can then make a prediction about future needs with regard to the data centre and this can help to create a timeline with which they need to spend more money with regard to cooling and new equipment. With all of this information at their fingertips, the data centre manager knows exactly where money needs to be spent in order for the data centre to be running more efficiently.

It is important that any system is not left vulnerable to downtime and so the data centre management software helps the manager to avoid such disasters like this. Because the manager has the real time information that he or she needs, then they can put strategies into place to make sure that things like this never happen.

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