Automated Parking Systems: 5 Benefits of Implementing the Technology

Automated parking systems promise to be a major step forward in the parking industry. They are praised as the ultimate solutions to difficult parking situations for everything from overcrowded hospital and hotel parking lots to car dealerships and city garages.

However, many cities and companies have already taken the plunge and installed automated parking systems for themselves to great advantage. It has become so useful that even stores and apartment buildings are investing in it.

It is worth mentioning that the benefits of parking automation are many, and once you read about them, you will understand why so much has been said about them. Here are a few:

  • Conserving Resources For You: The purpose of automated parking systems is to conserve space and maximize parking spots in the smallest amount of space possible. The space-efficient, multi-level design of automated parking is flexible and can work with whatever space or land you have, allowing you to park more cars in less space and save up to 85% of your parking space!
  • Environmentally-friendly: Automated parking systems reduce pollution and unnecessary resource depletion because they are eco-friendly. You can significantly reduce the volume of harmful greenhouse gases, such as VOC, CO2 and other emissions by over 80% as they eliminate the need for drivers to waste time and gas parking their cars themselves. The smaller structures and fewer excavations required to install automated parking systems also reduce the amount of construction materials used and the potential impact on groundwater.
  • Safety And Security: By eliminating open spaces that can expose unattended cars to thieves, smart parking systems provide better security. Drivers and pedestrians no longer have to walk through dimly lit parking lots or garages to look for their cars, exposing themselves to potentially dangerous situations due to the whole parking process being automated, requiring little space and minimal lighting. The cars are protected from damage caused by parking lots and garage accidents.
  • Aiming To Maintain An Appearance: Automated parking systems blend in with their surroundings and reduce their visual impact much better than other forms of parking. They are smaller and shorter, so they have less view obstruction and let in more light. You can customize their external look so that they blend better with the environment than a large concrete structure or parking lot!
  • Getting You The Best Deal: Even though an advanced parking system requires highly-technological machines, it is considerably more cost-effective than an ordinary parking garage. Yet, automated parking systems are not only beneficial in terms of safety, environment, efficiency, and effectiveness, but they also have many surprising cost-saving benefits!

To Conclude

Modern urban landscapes have a pressing need for parking, but proving “parking” comes at a cost. It helps digitise the parking experience, from sourcing parking spaces to making payments at the tap of a mobile device.

Delivering on this vision implies improving the lives of citizens and visitors, in the way they move, commute, experience and live the city.

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