How To Organise A Trade Fair

Organizing trades fairs are essential to the growth and development of a product and to the company in general. It helps to create awareness and advertise the newly released product as most organizations even go as far as hiring a trade fair exhibition specialist in order to organise and cater for the affairs of the event. In this article we would be a looking at the important steps to take in organizing a trade fair.

Develop a product

Before you can organise a trade fair, you have to firstly develop a product you want to exhibit at the  event. This is basically the most important stage in planning a trade exhibition fair. A good product with high quality would be an excellent exhibit at the trade fair.

Find the right venue

Finding a good venue for the trade fair is almost as important as developing a product to be displayed in a 10 x 20 trade show booth. Trade fairs could either be held indoors or outdoors. Outdoor events could pose many problems due to the environmental factors. Other planners may prefer an indoor event with great lighting.

Find trade exhibition sponsors

Footing all the expenses for a trade fair could be extremely difficult putting into consideration the total amount of funds to be spent. Therefore, finding exhibition sponsors could help the organization relieve some financial burden. There are many people, firms and companies that are willing to sponsor the exhibition with little incentives.

Create a marketing plan

 A market plan is absolutely crucial in the development and launching of a new product. This helps the company to strategize and formulate ideas to push the product during the exhibition and even after.

Pick a date

Choosing a date for the event is essential because it helps the planning committee have a time frame of work. It also keeps them on their toes because they already have delivery date.

Host surveys for feedbacks

Surveys are easy mediums for the company to get feedbacks on their newly released product. It helps them understand what potentially customers like about their product, what they don’t like, how they can improve the product and in general get an overall rating of the new product.

Promote the exhibition through social media

You literally need people to attend your exhibition show, so you have to create awareness for the upcoming event. Social media has become an all important tool in creating awareness and advertisement

 Display the products with class and prowess

Displaying products in an exhibition is absolutely important. Products are usually displayed in 10x20boothsor with larger boothsdepending on the size of the product.

Create an organizing committee

Putting together an organizing committee is an integral part of the total success of a trade fair event. This committee is basically In charge of planning the whole event. They allocate different sections of the job to different committee members to handle.

Handle the logistics well

The logistics department ensures the free flow of activities before, during and after the event.The logistics department is equally as important as every other stage in the organization planning.

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