4 Justifications for the Safe Dismantling of Homeless Encampments

As a philanthropic move, many governments and communities take part in cleaning and caring for the homeless in different societies. Is there a homeless encampment near you that you intend to help clean and protect from disease outbreaks? Should there be any, the best move forward would be hiring a top homeless encampment cleanup service to do the project. This is not because you are unable as an individual or a group to do it, but the other safety and health risks that surface when you lack the necessary know-how and gears to use. These are some of the few reasons to consider hiring homeless encampment cleanup today.

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is a disease that can easily affect masses when its outbreak happens. It is widespread in homeless camp areas and is mainly spread when the people contact feces from the infected ones. Since poor hygiene and lack of social amenities like toilets and water are common challenges the homeless face, expect feces to be almost everywhere, making DIY cleanup somewhat risky. A professional cleaner has the gear and means to clean and dispose of the waste.

Respiratory Ailments

Respiratory diseases are hazardous as they spread quickly through air contamination when infected and healthy people are overcrowded in one area. Based on the homeless’s poor hygiene observations, spreading different respiratory diseases becomes easy. The typical respiratory ailment threats you face contracting during cleaning include Tuberculosis, influenza, Diphtheria, Meningococcal disease, and even pneumonia. You and your team are better off letting experts handle the cleanup on your behalf to mitigate any chances of spreading air-borne infections.

Fire Outbreaks

The camps for the homeless almost resemble dumps due to the poor quality of hygiene and dirt accumulation in the area. Any unintended spark of flame could quickly destroy property due to how fast it can spread. There have been cases before of homeless camps fire outbreaks in areas like California, which should make you question your disaster management plans. Professionals know how to be careful during their cleanup and even in the event of any fires; they have the right response plans to emergencies which makes it even ideal.

The Unexpected

Due to the inability to access top-quality health services and lack of social amenities for better hygiene, many homeless people pass away where they camp or on benches. There is a high chance of meeting a deceased person during one of the many homeless encampment cleanups. This is probably why you are asked to delegate cleaning such areas to trained professionals who will know how to handle such a situation should it manifest. Doing these tasks on your own could be traumatizing to experience, and the unclean environment different homeless people are exposed to can put you at risk. Why not be on the organizing committee for your safety?

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