Fences; Your First Line of Security


The argument for the real use of fences should not be put to bed anytime soon. Many know that fences do more aesthetic duties than they actually keep anyone out. While others see fences as the wholesome deal, i.e., fences do all, everything from keeping pets and young ones in. keeping strangers out, and also making the home look very pleasing to the eye.

However, in the reality of things, all of the above positions are valid, and they do hold water. For what it’s worth, the argument and counter-argument go to show the prevalence of Boise, Idaho fencing. It is important whether it is for keeping in or keeping out. It wouldn’t be far off course to mention that fences are indeed your home’s first line of defense.

We can rave on and on about the importance and functionalities of fences. How much most of our homes need them even if just for giving the house a lovely appeal. But we need to stress more the security perspective of fences. Do fences really do so much when it comes to safeguarding our lives and properties? If they do, how can you make your home’s fence more security-oriented? These are the questions that will be tackled in this article.

Making the Most out of your Fences 

Suppose you’re looking to get yourself a fence. You might want to ensure you get a security fence installed. However, if you already have a fence, not to worry! You would also get tips on upgrading your fence to become more secure.

Hard to Bypass

Make sure (when installing your fence) that it is very well rooted in the concrete ground. When you have this done, your fence is difficult to cut through by burglars. You could also ensure that your fence is matched with a highly secured gate. Preferably full-on metal because you don’t want to have a gate that can be easily kicked in because this will defeat the entire purpose of your security fence.

Avoid Straight Rails

When your fence has rails that are horizontal, you have inadvertently done half the job for anyone who intends to break into your home. You should ensure that your fence comes with solely vertical rails. If you already have fences with rails that are horizontal, you should call on a fencing company to help you oversee a revamp of your fence to make it much more secure.


The higher your fence, the harder it is to scale. You should ensure that your fence is at least eight feet tall, so it is not easy for a burglar to scale through. However, in many cities, the association of homeowners always has rules about how high fences go. You should make sure you are in tune with the regulations of the association. 


This is one of the most common tricks in the book. Make sure your fence is spiked at the top. There are several options for you here; whichever you go with, ensure your fence has a dangerously sharp edge. This sure will deter burglars from your abode.


When you adhere to some of the aforementioned tips, your fence becomes more than just one for aesthetics or just keeping people in. Then you can rest easy knowing you have a sturdy and efficient first line of defense.

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