All About Coworking And Shared Workspaces

In the last few years, the concept of co-working has risen to a significant level. Shared office spaces or co-office spaces are commercially leased offices where 2 or more organizations work together under the same roof. Mostly it has been seen that the tenant of a privately leased office basically rents out the unused office space to one or more businesses. As a result, both businesses are sharing the overall cost of running an office space. In Westminster, several offices are shifting towards the shared workspace concept because of the benefits it offers. Read below to know the various benefits that a Westminster shared office space can offer to the modern working culture.

What are the benefits of a shared working space?

Co-working space concept allows small businesses and independent contractors to work in a proper office without the burden of paying huge monthly rent and other expenses related to office setups. Following is the list of benefits that a Westminster shared office space can offer to businesses:

  •       Increases overall productivity

Needless to say, the working vibes that one can get in a real office won’t ever match with the vibes one gets while working from home. Though working from home might look pretty tempting at the initial stage, with time workers are getting to know about its downsides. While working from home, one can never concentrate 100% as there will always be some distraction happening nearby. By going to a real office one can concentrate fully on the work. A shared office space allows freelance workers or independent contractors to work within a real office culture. Most co-working spaces in Westminster remain open 24*7. Therefore, employees can work peacefully anytime they want to.

  •       Maximum networking opportunity

Shared office space is a place where employees from different organizations work together under one roof. As a result, individuals get the opportunity to connect with multiple co-workers at the same time. The more one gets to connect with people, the more will be the overall productivity. Networking also helps small businesses to drive their business forward.

  •       Boosts creativity among employees

Humans are social beings. ‘The more we socialize, the more we improve’. In a shared office space, individuals are exposed to various new perspectives; as a result, a lot of creativity takes place. Working together with employees of other firms under the same roof helps individuals refresh their minds and become more productive.

  •       Cost-effective

A Co-working space is highly cost-effective for businesses. Renting an entire office is pretty expensive. When businesses work in a shared office, they do not have to pay the entire rent, electricity and other costs involved in the running of office space. All the expenses get shared by different businesses. Also, many shared offices come equipped with extra perks like free snacks, coffees, business mail service etc all at 1 monthly rate.


The shared office space concept has taken work culture to the next level. A Westminster shared office space is not only beneficial for the businesses but for the employees and independent workers as well.

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