Digital vs. Traditional Marketing – What Should You Focus On?

All businesses of almost every industry are turning digital, including laundromats. If you haven’t yet, then you’re already falling behind! That’s right, even if laundromats have been around even before the Internet was created, going online is an effective way to gain more traffic and stay competitive. That’s why many big businesses hire a laundry service marketing agency to drive further their efforts in getting new customers.

But wait, does that mean traditional laundromat digital marketing is dead? Definitely not! Marketing agencies like Spynr still encourage using traditional methods while focusing on digital strategies as well. But what makes them different? Read on to learn their differences!

Digital vs. Traditional Marketing

The major difference between digital and traditional marketing lies in the medium used for your target audience to receive the marketing message.

Traditional marketing would use traditional media like newspapers, magazines, and billboards. Digital marketing utilizes digital media like websites and social media.

Despite the name, traditional marketing doesn’t mean using the “old-fashioned” method. This marketing tactic plays a crucial role in businesses, especially amid the growing need to step out of the digital world.

That said, digital marketing is just as important as traditional, if not more. This is because we now live in a digital age, where almost everyone uses gadgets and the Internet to get information. It’s now normal to surf the Internet for hours a day, may it be for work, research, leisure, and the like. That’s why digital marketing is crucial if you want your business to stay relevant.

What Marketing to Use?

Both traditional and digital marketing have their pros and cons, but that doesn’t mean one is better than the other and that we should completely ignore either of them. The key to successful marketing strategies is to balance traditional and digital methods. You’ll be surprised by how these two methods complement one another and help each other grow when implemented well.

But with that in mind, many business owners may not be using digital methods as much as they should, still sticking to traditional ways because it’s what works. This is especially for local businesses like laundromats, as business owners believe that posting advertisements on community billboards and newspapers are enough.

It’s now time to start going digital if this is you! Digital marketing has just as much potential as traditional marketing methods, with almost your entire community on their phones and the Internet. Here are just some of the reasons why you should start using digital methods with your current traditional strategies:

  • Cost-effective with a high ROI
  • Value-heavy with a focus of creating stronger relationships with customers
  • Virtually instant and easy to publish
  • Sharable so you can reach a wider audience than your current followers
  • Easy to monitor metrics and improve strategies based on current data

Wrapping It Up

Make sure you focus on both traditional and digital marketing methods for your business to stand out and gain new customers.

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