How to Make a Corporate Video – What you Should Know

Video is without doubt the most powerful advertising medium there is and that doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon. There are many reasons why a corporation might wish to create a video; from introducing the team to the world to an in-house safety film and everything in between; one of the first steps is to identify the purpose of the video, as well as the objectives. It might be as a sales aid, a tuition video on health & safety, or a short film that helps the customer carry out essential self-maintenance.

Choosing a format

Many business owners choose animation over regular video, which offers low-budget solutions and carte-blanche regarding content.  Think purpose and that will guide to the correct filming format; the video production agency has an in-house creative department and they create digital storyboards for corporate clients.

Creating a concept

Using video conferencing equipment in Australia enables you to communicate in real-time with the creative team where collaboration occurs and a storyboard is proposed and eventually client-approved. The leader of the creative team is skilled at bringing out the client’s expectations and working with them to produce a winning video. The storyboard goes back and forth with video conferencing until the client is 100% satisfied, then a proposal is put together by the agency.

Set considerations

The short film might be shot at the company premises, at an outside location or in a studio; props need to be listed and acquired, this is a job for the video production agency, which handles props, actors, lighting and every other aspect of the project.

Production meeting

Once the team has the client’s brief, they call an internal meeting to discuss props, location, lighting, actors, backdrop etc. The project comes together with planning and a timeline is created, while the client is kept informed at all times.

Shooting raw footage

This is the time when everything comes together and the director definitely calls the shots! He, or she, knows exactly how much time they have and they also know what results they want; the secret is being able to do that using the limited resources at your disposal.

Once the shooting is rapped, the content moves into the editing room, where the magic happens and they are also under pressure to deliver the final cut in the desired formats according to a timeline.

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